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Paula García del Valle


Born in Seville, Spain in 1992,  Paula graduated with a Master of Arts from the Rimsky Korsakov Conservatory in St. Petersburg (Russia) as a pianist, accompanist and teacher with cum laude, "red diploma of excellence". Her pedagogues were Nadezhda Eismont in piano, Sergei Urivaev in chamber music and Elena Spist in accompaniment. She attended classes taught by Luca Chiantore, Claudio Martínez Menher, Nino Kereselizhde, Galina Eguiazarova, Albert Mamriev, Oscar Martin Castro, Ana Guijarro, Sequeira Costa, Jura Margulis and especially from Fernando Calixto and Elena Diatlova. 


She won awards at the Maria Yudina International Piano Competition in St. Petersburg, at the Competition SCAEM in Granada, at the Ricard Viñes International Piano Competition in Lérida and at the International Piano Competition in The Hague, Netherlands.

She has performed concerts in Russia: Stravinsky Foyer and Prokofiev Hall of the Mariinsky Theater, playing with soloist Anton Khalansky, Sofía Galasova; Rachmaninov Hall in Novgorod, Glazunov Concert Hall, Kshesinskaya mansion, Roerich museum, Academy of Arts, Yaani Kirik in St. Petersburg; in Spain, Aveiro Theatre in Portugal with the Filarmónica das Beiras Orchestra and maestro Luís Carvalho, Mexico (Olimpo Theater in Mérida with the Mexican soprano Arlette Sierra), Colombia with orchestra “Proyecto Mozart” and conductor María del Mar Goyes (Beethoven Hall), Brazil (Museum of Modern Art, Cervantes Institute of Rio de Janeiro, Culture House in Uberlandia). She was part of a musical duet called "Sinaps Duo" with the oboist Sofía Galasova.

Now she lives and works in Vienna as a pianist, organist, répétiteur, chamber pianist and piano teacher. In 2019-2020 she worked as a répétiteur at the Schmidtke- Konzertdirektion with the conductors Guillaume Fauchère and Vasilis Tsiatsianis (operetta "Countess Mariza"). She regularly plays the organ in the masses of the chapel of the AKH and performs piano recitals in Vienna, in various locations such as Quo Vadis, Karl Borromäus Saal, Gesellschaft für Musiktheater, the residence of the Swiss ambassador, the Redtenbach Cultural Association. She is currently building a repertoire of Schubert's and Mozart's songs with the baritone Zacharias Galaviz Guerra, and together they have recorded an album of Schubert's die schöne Müllerin for the DAG Klassical record company. Currently Paula performs with the group "Les Bohémiennes", in the "Aletheia Duo" with Soprano Paula Ruiz Iglesias, as well as in the "Aufheben Duo" with clarinetist Catalina López, with whom she recorded a CD of Brahms and Schumann works.


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